MINI-SHOE™ Primary Seal for Aluminum IFRs


The MINI-SHOE™ Primary Seal for Aluminum Internal Floating Roofs is the first primary metallic shoe seal developed for aluminum roofs where tight rim spaces are encountered. The MINI-SHOE™ has excellent chemical compatibility for nearly any product stored in a floating roof tank when combined with HMT’s PTFE laminated flouropolymer vapor barrier fabric.

For a long lasting seal, compatibility that will no longer be a problem for hydrocarbons such as benzene, methanol, toluene, naphtha, MTBE, ETBE or TAME, and a seal that has the ability to operate in narrow rim spaces, choose the
MINI-SHOE™ Primary Shoe Seal.

    Key Benefits
    The MINI-SHOE™ Primary Shoe Seal’s benefits include:
  • Compatibility — compatible with virtually all stored products
  • Gap sealing — unparalleled pressure application system ensures tight sealing across the entire shoe
  • Working Range — accommodates rim spaces as small as 2.5”
  • Long life — key components made from custom-hardened stainless steel, ensuring spring longevity and long-lasting seal performance
  • Maintenance-free operation — workhorse design and materials
  • Lightweight — designed especially for lightweight aluminum internal floating roofs
    Key Design Features
  • Channel style shoe hanger assembly, accommodates all aluminum pontoon roofs
  • Even pressure distribution across the entire shoe
  • Compatible with virtually all stored products when installed with PTFE vapor barrier
  • Designed to function with roof in any position without imposing adverse loading on the roof
  • Premium fabrics for long-life and durability of vapor barrier
  • Horizontal and vertical rim mounts
  • Available with secondary seal systems
  • Designed with guidance from EPA and local regulations