HMT Secondary Wiper Seal

External Floating Roof Secondary Seal



The HMT Secondary Wiper Seal is a proven secondary seal that has been protecting storage tanks in the AST industry for over 30 years. The Secondary Wiper Seal has exceptional gap sealing ability, long service life and a maintenance free operation. The HMT Secondary Wiper Seal is designed to accommodate wide rim space variations and will return to the tank without special attention if the tank is overfilled.

For a field-proven secondary seal that will stand the test of time, choose the HMT Secondary Wiper Seal.

    Key Benefits
    The HMT Secondary Wiper Seal’s primary benefits include:
  • Exceptional gap sealing — support plates constructed of hardened stainless steel ensure tension will hold up year after year and seals won’t gap
  • Excellent longevity — the HMT Secondary Wiper Seal is made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant, inert materials; this seal will generally outlast other seals on the market
  • Maintenance-free operation — workhorse design and materials
    Key Design Features
  • Double layer wiper allows for built in flexibility, less tip pressure and longer service life
  • Narrow support plates ensure the seal will conform well to local shell abnormalities
  • Premium fabrics for long-life and durability
  • Bolt-on design for easy, fast installation
  • No hot work required; can be installed while the tank is in service
  • Wide range of metals and elastomers available for varying service requirements
  • Vertical or horizontal rim mount
  • Designed with guidance from EPA and local regulations