External Floating Roof Seals - Secondary Seals


(International  markets only)

Secondary Wiper


(With multiple wiper tips)


Water shedding Best Best Good Excellent ExcellentExcellent**
Handles sticky crude Good Good Excellent Goodǂ
Handles cold weather Better Better Excellent Goodǂ
Foam dam height Standard Standard
Standard LowerLowerLower
Rim space 3-20"
3-20"3-20" 3-17" 3-17"3-30" 
Local shell anomalies Good Good Excellent Excellent ExcellentExcellent
Heavy snow applications Excellent Excellent Good Not Recommended Not RecommendedGood
Rough shells / welds Good Good Excellent Excellent ExcellentExcellent
Capacity gains Average Average Average Excellent ExcellentExcellent
Applicable guidelines API 650
EN 14015***
API 650
EN 14015***
API 650
EN 14015***
API 650
EN 14015
API 650
EN 14015
EEMUA 159 (-X+3X)
API 650, EN 14015

* Available with NST Tip
** With bolt on water shedding tip
*** Foam Ports are required for compression plate style secondary seals when EN 14015 compliance is specified

ǂ The SEAL KINGTM is not recommended in applications with both very sticky crude and extreme cold temperatures

External Floating Roofs Seals - Secondary Seals

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HMT offers multiple secondary seals for external floating roof tanks. Each seal is customized to fit to the tank to ensure non-gapping performance, long life and safe operation. External secondary seals include a variety of configurations, component sizes and material options to handle any application and stored product. The HMT family of secondary seals provides excellent emissions control while also offering various performance capabilities such as weather-shedding, dealing with waxy shells, and optimizing working capacity.

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