SEAL KING™ Secondary Seal

External Floating Roof Secondary Seal



The SEAL KINGTM low-profile secondary seal was specifically designed to give storage tank owners the ability to maximize tank working capacity. With its extremely low profile, the SEAL KINGTM increases the working capacity of a floating roof tank, allowing tank owners to increase competitiveness and profitability.

Choose the SEAL KINGTM for a secondary seal that will help you recapture your working capacity, is compatible with any product normally stored in floating roof tanks and has unsurpassed vapor sealing ability and exceptional water shedding capability.

    Key Benefits
    The SEAL KING™ secondary seal increases working capacity without sacrificing on functionality or durability. Here’s how:
  • Low Profile — increases storage tank capacity by increasing the maximum roof height
  • No gapping — engineered with custom- hardened stainless steel support arms which maintain constant continuous sealing pressure on the tank shell
  • Long life — key components made from custom-hardened stainless steel, ensuring spring longevity and long-lasting seal performance
  • Maintenance-free operation — straight forward design, no complicated components to adjust
  • Easy fabric inspection — fabric on the outside for easy visual inspection
    Key Design Features
  • Excellent water shedding ability
  • Abrasion-resistant wiper tip
  • Excellent flexibility, molds well to shell irregularities
  • Low-profile design also allows shorter (and more economical) foam dam
  • Premium fabrics for long-life and durability of vapor barrier
  • Pre-punched fabric allows for rapid installation
  • Materials are compatible with any product normally stored in floating roof tanks