The HMT Integral Foam Dam is a bolted design and a desirable alternative to the traditional foam dam. The HMT Integral Foam Dam directs foam efficiently to the rim space, is corrosion resistant, will last the life of your tank and was designed under the guidance of NFPA 11. Bolt-on installation allows for easy in-service installation.

    Key Benefits
    The HMT Integral Foam Dam primary benefits include:
  • Easy, fast installation — bolted design means the installation is fast and easy and can be done while the tank is in service
  • Long service life — constructed of materials that will last the life of your tank
  • Reduces amount of foam needed and filling time — designed to be attached to the same position as the secondary seal, the amount of foam and fill time is reduced compared to traditional steel welded foam dams
    Key Design Features
  • Made with corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Designed to efficiently concentrate foam in the secondary seal area
  • Bolted design allows for in-service installation, repairs or maintenance
  • Adaptable for horizontal or vertical rims
  • Designed and sized to fit the specific tank and floating roof dimensions
  • Can be fitted to any traditional secondary seal