FLEX-A-SEAL™ Secondary Seal

External Floating Roof Secondary Seal


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The HMT FLEX-A-SEAL™ Secondary Seal is one of the most economical and effective types of secondary seals available. Easily installed and maintained, the HMT FLEX-A-SEAL™ Secondary Seal was designed under the guidance of stringent gap specifications for secondary seals from governmental regulatory agencies throughout the U.S. and European markets.

For a secondary seal that is custom-designed to fit specific tank round anomalies, has exceptional gap sealing ability, allows for in-service installation and has a long service life, choose the FLEX-A-SEAL™ Secondary Seal.

    Key Benefits
    The FLEX-A-SEAL™ Secondary Seal’s advanced design features include:
  • No gapping — engineered to ensure tension will hold up year after year and seals won’t gap, maintaining a tight seal
  • Long life — engineered to ensure spring longevity and long-lasting seal performance
  • Maintenance-free operation — workhorse design and materials
  • In-service install — no hot work required
  • Custom designed — each tank has its own variations in roundness and verticality; HMT custom designs every seal to ensure an excellent fit with no gaps
    Key Design Features
  • Continuous fabric vapor barrier under plates
  • Premium fabrics for long-life and durability of vapor barrier
  • Bolt-on design allows for in-service installation
  • Compression plates not bolted together allowing to move and flex, taking shape of the tank shell
  • Compression plates available in various widths allow for improved sealing to all tank radii
  • Completely bolted assembly eliminates all rivets which allows for easier and safer tank maintenance
  • Protector clips to encapsulate metallic bolt head, increasing safety
  • Tip profile options to counter large welds or tank shell deformities