SM1 Primary Seal

The HMT SM1 Heavy Duty Shoe Plate Rim Seal is a liquid mounted primary shoe plate seal with a shoe mounted secondary seal. This robust seal is specially designed for arctic heavy snow load conditions. The scissor mechanism is designed and tested for a snow load of 10KN/m2.

    Key Benefits
    The SM1 Seal’s primary benefits include:
  • Complete product compatibility— all construction materials are selected to be compatible with the stored product.
  • Worry-free operation — centers the floating roof and dampens horizontal roof movement.
  • Designed to remain in contact with the tank at all times — the R(-X/+3X) design working range feature is a TankSystems innovation. Under all circumstances the SM1 seal will stay in contact with the tank shell.
  • Flame retardant and UV resistant seal— materials on the seal are flame retardant in accordance with DIN 22100/22188. Additionally, materials subject to the atmosphere are UV resistant.
  • Gas tight seal — with the shoe plate overlap membrane thermally welded to the primary seal membrane, this seal is gas tight.
    Key Design Features
  • Designed to operate in the arctic environments with heavy snow loads. Successfully tested for a snow load of 10KN/m2
  • Gas tight seal for optimal emissions and product loss reduction
  • Low profile secondary seal increases storage capacity by increasing the maximum roof height
  • Cost effective solution
  • Abrasion resistant