Fabrication Services

As part of the HMT family, Paramount Painting and Industrial services division is an industry leader in aboveground storage tanks, industrial and maritime applications. Our professional coatings applicators have the training, craftsmanship, experience, and skills necessary to complete any project on time and within budget.

Quality industrial and commercial blasting and painting is important to prevent corrosion and ensure tank integrity. The HMT Blackwell and Paramount management staff include project managers with decades of experience, NACE Certified Coatings Inspectors and a SSPC Protective Coatings Specialist dedicated to providing real, long-lasting solutions for any project while safeguarding people and environment.

      Diverse coating and lining applications
  • Commercial/Industrial blasting
  • Commercial/Industrial painting
  • Epoxy coating
  • Zinc cladding

Complementing the full range of welding capabilities is a complete range of non-destructive examination (NDE) capabilities. Weld examinations can include visual, liquid penetrate, vacuum box, magnetic particle and radiographic to provide high quality appurtenances without concern of possible rework.

HMT uses state-of-the-art equipment like automated welding machines capable of performing multiple weld processes and complex jobs such as intermittent stitch welds on fillet joints as well as computer numerical controlled burning tables. In addition to state-of-the-art equipment, HMT employs fully trained and qualified hand welders.

At HMT, quality, safety and completion times are always top of mind. Let HMT put more than three decades of excellence in the fabrication of appurtenances to work for you today.

  • Handrails - pipe & angle
  • Platforms
  • Staircases - spiral & radial
  • Vertical cage ladders
  • Thickened inserts (designed under guidance from API 650)
  • Rafters
  • Quick draw sumps
  • Roof sumps
  • Carbon steel floating roofs & pontoon sections
  • Retrofit stair treads for rolling ladders
  • Firefighting foam chambers
  • Firefighting foam suppression systems
  • Bleeder vents
  • Gauge pole & gauge pole ladders
  • Negotiator seals for gauge poles & columns
  • Diffusers
  • Leg sleeves
  • Wind girders
  • Floating suction lines
  • Fabrication of underground pipe spools
  • Suction troughs
  • Weirs
  • Gauge hatches
  • Emergency drains
  • Nozzles
  • Goose neck vents
  • Float wells
  • Overfill vents
  • Vent hoods
  • Shafts, flanges
  • Pipe caps & dished heads
  • Galvanized stairs & platforms
  • Application of protective coatings
  • Prefabricated EFR pontoons
  • Shop built tanks
  • Sample funnels 
  • Rolling ladders 

Fabrication Offices: Houston, TX & Blackwell, OK